Suboxone Therapy

Suboxone Therapy – The answer to Opiate Addiction!

What is Suboxone used for?

It is FDA approved for office based treatment of opiate addiction. When used appropriately, it can significantly reduce cravings and withdrawals during the process of treatment of opiate addiction.

How is Suboxone taken?

Buprenorphine (Bupe) is most effective when the film/pill is placed under the tongue until it completely dissolves. This medicine is destroyed to a great extent by the liver and this technique bypasses the liver.

In what setting can Suboxone be used?

Buprenorphine has been used in outpatient, inpatient as well as in drug rehab settings. We have found Suboxone to be most useful in outpatient maintenance and detox without the need for hospitalization, however, each patient is different.

Is Suboxone used for maintenance or detox?

Buprenorphine can be used for maintenance or detoxification from pain killers or other opiate dependence. It should be noted, however, that Suboxone detox is not a treatment in itself but is only the first step in the recovery process.

Can Suboxone be used alone?

The best results have been achieved when Buprenorphine is combined with a comprehensive counseling and education program. This is why we offer outpatient Suboxone treatment in combination with face to face education, and provide information on counseling and treatment facilities/programs in the area.

Suboxone induction should only be carried out under the guidance of a qualified physician.

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