About Us

Arizona MindWorks offers a Drug-free Approach for Emotional, Learning, and Stress-Related problems through the use of Neurointegration Therapy.


family_01What makes Arizona MindWorks Neurointegration special and unique from other types of biofeedback/neurofeedback is that we combine, thus integrate, several different types of modalities in order to provide a more effective approach. Many other treatments may only employ one aspect of biofeedback, whereas, WE combine EEG (electroencephalogram), photic (light) stimulation, along with audio/visual approaches. We act as your brain’s “coach” to help it learn to function more appropriately on its own! When you improve your brain you can improve your life.

Arizona MindWorks assists the brain to function more effectively! Abnormal brainwave patterns are not a disease to be cured, rather when they occur, self-regulation may result in improvement or elimination of symptoms.

Let us help you to balance your brain and calm your body WITHOUT the use of medication. “More Cost Effective than taking medication or natural health products month after month, year after year!” Also, offering Suboxone Treatment for addictions.

About Our Staff

Medical Director, Jeffrey R. LaVoy, M.D., has been in medical practice for over 20 years. His areas of training and specialties are family practice, occupational medicine, sports medicine, and chronic pain management. He is one of only 150 doctors in the state of Arizona trained, certified, and licensed by the federal government to dispense Suboxone, a highly controlled medication, used to treat patients with addictions. Prior to being in practice in Arizona, Dr. LaVoy was in practice in Southwestern Louisiana, where he introduced and opened the first Wound Care Center for the region, as well as, the use of Hyperbaric treatment for a variety of wounds and burn injuries. He has also served as a team physician for the Olympics for eight years.

Director, Suzan LaVoy, PhD, has worked in behavioral and mental health hospitals with chemically addicted and behaviorally challenged, at-risk teens for over 15 years. She is a behavior intervention specialist and has worked in that capacity for a large school district, in the Phoenix metro area, for many years..

Together, Drs. Jeffrey LaVoy and Suzan LaVoy bring a vast wealth of knowledge and training, as well as years of experience, expertise and caring to Arizona MindWorks in order to help you.

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